The 2024 Jaguar F-PACE Front 3/4

The 2024 Jaguar F-PACE remains Jaguar’s ultimate practical sports car, bringing a host of upgrades to the range of models it offers, whilst delivering nothing short of excellence with each of them.


2024 has meant the latest in feature upgrades, aesthetic improvements, technological advancements and overall streamlining have all been welcomed by the F-PACE. This means leaving drivers with the most impressive offering the F-PACE has made to date, including improved hybrid technology, driver enhancements, and the development of the new F-PACE 400 Sport.


The 2024 F-PACE Model Range

Hybrid Technology

New Standard Features

Aesthetic Updates


The 2024 F-PACE Model Range

The model range is one of the most interesting developments made by the 2024 F-PACE, with changes to the lineup seeing the R-Dynamic derivatives replace the previous standard and core models. The F-PACE 400 Sport is also seen replacing the 300 Sport, and of course, the F-PACE SVR still remains the model’s pinnacle.

F-PACE R Dynamic

2024 Jaguar F-PACE R Dynamic

The F-PACE will host the R Dynamic S, R Dynamic SE and R Dynamic HSE models respectively, with each offering more to drivers than the previous, including Interactive Driver Assist, various levels of seat and accessory/feature pack options and various other changes too.



F-PACE 400 Sport

2024 F-PACE 400 Sport

The F-PACE 400 Sport will stand alone for the 2024 model range, removing the F-PACE 300 Sport and allowing more refinements than ever before. The F-PACE 400 Sport will come with a range of improvements, ranging from 22’ Diamond Turned wheels as standard, red brake callipers, privacy glass, a fixed panoramic roof, Meridian Sound system, and much more to go along with the P400 powertrain it boasts.




2024 Jaguar F-PACE SVR

The F-PACE SVR has also seen some interesting updates. While still boasting the astonishing P550 engine, the iconic 21” Diamond Turned wheels have been upgraded and replaced with Forged Gloss Black 22” wheels with Satin Technical Grey inserts, as a prime example, as well as the updates seen across the rest of the model range, such as the fixed panoramic roof, the Black Exterior Pack as standard for the SVR, privacy glass, illuminated metal treadplate, and numerous other updates to make the SVR the tidal of the model range that it truly is.



Hybrid Technology

2024 Jaguar F-PACE P400e charging

In addition to the aesthetic and model changes to the 2024 Jaguar F-PACE, there are also some dramatic improvements to the hybrid technology used by the model range too. More specifically, the P400e powertrain.


The P400e is one of the most powerful powertrains in the Jaguar family, and now thanks to the addition of an important 9th power cell replacing the previous 8 cells, the powertrain is now AC/DC as standard for the first time. That is music to many owners’ ears.


On top of that still, the additional cell also means that the P400e has more efficiency than ever before, too. The result of that is a higher pure electric range (now 40 miles instead of 32), better MPG, and lower emissions, all of which are huge improvements to the model. It’s an incredible improvement.


Standard Features

Interior of 2024 Jaguar F-PACE

Any new model year from Jaguar has some exciting feature upgrades, changes and announcements to be made, and the 2024 F-PACE is no different in that respect.


The minimum wheel size for the model range now is brought up to 19”, with black wheels also being the new standard. That’s followed by Diamond Turned wheels being the upgrade choice should drivers wish to opt for that.


The Pivi Pro infotainment has been improved and added as standard too with all F-PACE models as standard, accompanied by the Digital Driver system which is replaced with the Interactive Driver Display for the R Dynamic SE models and all higher spec models alike.


Other features are also improved and upgraded as well. The mirrors for example are now heated, electric, and power-folding and have memory features as standard, as well as auto-dimming approach lights and Jaguar script protection, all again as standard across the model range.


Aesthetic Changes

Front view of 2024 Jaguar F-PACE

Some of the most dramatic changes to the 24 model year F-PACE come from sheer aesthetic changes to the already strikingly powerful appearance of the F-PACE. From the Black Exterior Pack which is now standard to new lighting technology and interiors, the vehicle is stunning inside and out.


Altered at the very heart of the vehicle's character, the Jaguar Growler is now seen on a black background instead of the previous red across all models, which is also seen in the wheels as well. Even the R Dynamic red/green combination on the front of the vehicle is replaced with black and grey colouring, giving a much more modern, sophisticated feel to the finish and keeping in line with Jaguar’s latest branding. That’s on top of the now black standard wheels too.


Moving to the lights and exterior technology, again, there are some very interesting changes that elevate the feel of the personality of the vehicle. Boasting both Animated Directional Indicators and High Beam Assist as standard, every model will be more recognisable on the road than ever before, even in low light settings, as well as helping drivers be safer in any setting.


Finally, other branding and finishes really complete the new aesthetic. The new standardised Jaguar branded treadplates, for example, look incredible. More strikingly, the nameplate and badging removal with only the Jaguar branding remaining, and the interior changes like the Jaguar branded duotone steering wheel and ebony headlining all come together to bring a new feel to the 2024 Jaguar F-PACE.