Jaguar XE or Jaguar XF - Which one is right for you?

XE and XF are both Jaguars at heart; possessing the famous agility and handling right to the core. But what is the difference between the two saloons?

Though closely related XE and XF have different talents. XE, the more compact in size captures sports car performance where XF is renowned for its luxury and interior space. The real design difference between XE and XF comes down to one simple thing – size. XE is more compact; though good things do come in smaller packages too. XF on the other hand is a larger saloon and as such has a grander road presence.

How exactly do they compare?

XF comes in slightly longer and taller than XE. Side by side, you’ll see the difference between the two. Their size demonstrates the strengths of each car. XE is smaller and lighter and is ideal if you want efficient yet sporty performance. XF takes this sports car feel and adds more comfort, interior space and luxury.

What’s the difference in interior space between XE and XF?

On the inside, XF has a more luxurious feel, and creates more theatre with its start-up sequence. But when it comes to the finer details, XE and XF can both be personalised with a range of options from metallic paint colours to alloy wheels and interior finishes.

XF has a longer wheelbase, so naturally offers more interior space than XE. In the back seats, longer legs will be able to stretch out with more legroom. Taller passengers would also be pleased with XF’s extra headroom in the front and rear compared to XE. Whilst the XE offers good rear legroom, but if you’re regularly carrying adult passengers on long journeys you might want to consider the extra space offered by XF.

What about the interior technology?

At the heart of both the XE and XF is the new Pivi Pro infotainment system. The XF features a seamlessly integrated centrally-mounted 11.4-inch curved-glass HD touchscreen in an elegant magnesium alloy casing, which controls the new Pivi Pro infotainment system. Authentic finishes, including open-pore wood veneers and aluminium, feature in beautifully formed shapes such as the upper door insert and full width ‘Piano lid’ that is formed across the width of the dashboard. Laser-etched mid-line speaker frets and the metallic rotary dial of the JaguarDrive Control epitomise the attention-to-detail.

Whilst, the XE features Jaguar’s latest Pivi Pro infotainment system, accessed through the seamlessly integrated 10-inch central touchscreen, while the 5.5-inch lower touchscreen, also powered by the new Pivi technology, combines two multi-functional LED rotary controllers for intuitive operation of key vehicle functions. To help drivers access vital information quickly, the 12.3-inch HD Interactive Driver Display gets enhanced graphics and a configurable layout which can show full screen navigation mapping with turn-by-turn instructions, digital dials, media, contact list or infotainment details. Working in conjunction with the latest Head-up Display technology, XE gives drivers all the information they need without distraction.

Do XE and XF feel different on the road?

XE can tow from 1600-1800kg depending on engine, whereas XF’s towing capacity ranges from 1600-2000kg. From caravans to small trailers, consider what weight you’d most likely look to tow to inform your purchase decision.

Also available on both XE and XF, All-Wheel Drive helps you to have confidence whatever the conditions. From pulling out of an icy driveway to staying in control on the motorway during a storm, our on-demand system gives you the practicality of four wheel drive balanced with the sports car feeling of rear wheel drive. When the conditions call for it, our All-Wheel Drive system intuitively splits power between front and rear, helping improve traction. Once back on a better surface, power returns to the rear for the stimulating drive of a Jaguar – in both of our saloons.

XE and XF are both Jaguars at heart and they both channel the famous agility and handling right to their core. Both have the same advanced, F-TYPE-derived double wishbone front suspension and integral rear link suspension, plus intelligent Torque Vectoring to optimise your every corner.

And lastly and probably most importantly, how do they differ in price?

Whichever Jaguar saloon is right for you, explore Jaguar XE and Jaguar XF and buy online today with Rockar. 

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