Adventures are just around the corner, travel in style and comfort

Ready for some time away from your house? With lockdown restrictions set to be ending on July 19th, it’s time to take a well-deserved break on the open road, in the car you want to drive. 

Weekend breaks, road trips, days out, or weeklong holidays. Whatever you plan on doing this summer, make the most of the whole experience, including being stuck in traffic. Our selection of Jaguar products will let you not only travel in style but also in comfort.

Starting and ending in the northern city of Inverness, this 500-mile-long road trip has the best views of Scotland’s north coast. Perfect for a family holiday in the UK with something for everyone; mountain scenery, picturesque beaches, and fairy-tale castles. Your Jaguar will give you all the space and comfort your family needs for a weeklong trip. So whether you’re bringing bikes or buggee boards, you can get the best coming out of lockdown.

Wanting some views that are a bit more exciting than your computer screen? This day road trip is just under 30 miles down the A591 with stop-offs including Kendal castle and lake Windermere. Your Jaguar can let you take ‘freedom day’ literally and escape to the countryside in style and with ease.

Starting in Belfast, this is the perfect blend of beaches and history for a 120-mile-long weekend trip with your partner. From city centres and famous landmarks to sandy beaches, you really can experience it all. Your Jaguar makes even the steepest hills seem flat. Make weekend breaks actually feel like a break and take the chore out of driving. Be prepared for anything, this trip is filled with all different terrain and experiences, nothing your Jaguar can’t handle!

Searching for something a bit closer to London? Take the trip to Somerset for the day and visit Cheddar Gorge. Known as one of Britain’s greatest natural wonders, head uphill to capture the unique limestone pass and breathtaking views of the gorge. Why not make it a family day out? With optional seating for seven people comfortably and still being advanced on the 14 miles of uphill you’ll face, you can get your whole family back into adventures.

The A39, aka, the Atlantic highway takes you down to the busy Newquay in Cornwall. Perfect for high energy activities, including water sports, climbing, biking, and many more. If you’re into adventures your jaguar can help provide a stress-free journey for your action-packed holiday, do everything you want to and more.

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