Jaguar I-PACE and the OHME Charger

When it comes to charging an electric vehicle, the initial purchasing of the charger may seem overwhelming for some people. With little advice available and consumers having to choose something they may not have a lot of knowledge or experience in buying before.

Which is what happened to one of our customers, Martin, when he decided to opt for the I-PACE due to the business benefits. After purchasing his car, Martin sourced his own electric charger which in the end came down to cost and how it looks on the side of the home. This charger would charge from the minute it was plugged in until full charge, which of course would be around 5/6pm when arriving home from work and also when the electric companies charge the most for the supply. The smart meter in Martin’s home provided by his energy company would go straight to red when the car was charging, indicating that the energy cost was currently at its highest.

Martin was pretty dissatisfied with his electric charger, but that was until he met OHME. OHME is the smartest, cheapest, and greenest way to charge your electric vehicle. Ohme finds the best charging times and prices for you, making your EV ultra-sustainable. With its clever app, you can manage charging by selecting your electric supplier and the times you will need your vehicle to be charged by, OHME then does everything in the background to ensure you get the best out of the charger. You can even get paid to charge! OHME opened Martins eyes to using green energy sources and was intrigued by the functionality to paid to charge your vehicle!

The OHME chargers your vehicle when the electric is at its cheapest, now that is a smart charger! Martin begun to notice his smart meter staying on green, once his vehicle was plugged in and throughout the night (oh trust us, he has checked it at 4am!) so Martin knows he is never paying over the odds to charge his vehicle. In fact, he his charging costs have decreased by 50% just in the first few weeks of using his OHME charger! He was also much happy with how the smart the OHME charger looked on the side of his home.

Also, the OHME meters know when the vehicle is at 75% charge, which is the most efficient way to run the I-PACE battery, to ensure maximum life span of the battery.

So how does the free charging work? On those lovely bright, sunny, windy days if too much electric is produced via solar panels and wind turbines, OHME will pay you to store the energy in your car battery to save it from going to waste. This is known as Grid balancing.

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