What’s new for Jaguar F-TYPE 2021 Model Year?

The new Jaguar F-TYPE is a true driver-focused sports car that offers reward and engagement like no other. A new embedded Spotify app enhances the driving experience further, giving Premium Spotify subscribers instant, on-demand access to a growing library of more than 50 million tracks and more than 700 thousand podcasts.

Developed with Spotify, the new app is integrated within the fast, intuitive Touch Pro infotainment system so customers can enjoy their favourite playlists without connecting their phone. And through the Spotify Connect feature, playback can resume seamlessly from any other device when customers get into their car. The new F-TYPE is the first Jaguar model to feature the embedded Spotify app, which is also backward-compatible with existing Jaguar models equipped with the Touch Pro infotainment, Online Media feature and software-over-the-air (SOTA) functionality. Installing it is easy: Via a micro-SIM card in the vehicle or through a Wi-Fi connection, customers can, in three simple steps, download the app and update the online media sources with Spotify.

‘’Our customers expect the latest infotainment and connectivity technology, and the new F-TYPE’s embedded Spotify app has been developed to offer them exactly that. Our engineers have worked closely with Spotify to integrate this app into the Touch Pro infotainment system, and as a result our customers can have access to a huge library of music without needing to connect their phones. And the seamless playback between devices in the home to the car – and back again – makes the new F-TYPE even more enjoyable to drive.’’ Alan Volkaerts Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar F-TYPE

The interior of an F‑TYPE is an exciting place to be. The lightweight seats are a snug fit. Controls are intuitively accessible. Instruments are clear and simple. F‑TYPE’s performance seats are 12‑way adjustable, so you can settle into your own personal sweet spot. Plus, there’s the option of heating or cooling for even greater comfort. And a choice of five colours to suit your mood. Premium cabin lighting provides an additional touch of personalisation.

With Jaguar’s infotainment system, you’re seamlessly connected to the rest of the world. The new F-TYPE features a wealth of other driver-focused technologies, including a reconfigurable, high-definition, 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster and Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlay as standard. Smartphone Pack also includes Android Auto and Baidu Car Life, depending on market applicability, as standard. Intelligent Voice Recognition, Heads-up Display and Interactive Driver Display give you the power to complete tasks while keeping your hands safely on the wheel. The two superb Meridian audio systems – including a surround sound system with 12 speakers including two subwoofers – offer enhanced sound reproduction. SOTA functionality means future software updates can be made to the Touch Pro infotainment system at the customer’s convenience without having to visit a Retailer.

InControl is the technological heart of your Jaguar’s cabin experience. Surround yourself with precise environment control, navigation, entertainment and security. Enhanced by InControl’s seamless connectivity, Navigation Pro learns your regular routes to update you with information, traffic and ETA. Continue to use all the features of your smartphone by accessing them safely through your Jaguar infotainment system. Whilst you can also interact with your vehicle from anywhere. Check your fuel levels remotely, find your vehicle in a busy car park, and even check that you haven’t left a window open. And if someone breaks into, or moves your Jaguar illegally, optional Secure Tracker signals the location of your vehicle and alerts the authorities immediately.

F‑TYPE is Jaguar design in its most athletic form and is lean, and elegant from any angle. But there’s two sides to every story, each have their own unique character, whether that be the purity of the coupé, or the freedom and carefree attitude that comes with the convertible. F‑TYPE’s new swept-back headlights are elongated and meld into the car’s aerodynamic lines. Animated Directional Indicators glide across the ‘J’ blades, adding to the sense of theatre. At the rear, F‑TYPE's LED taillights wrap around to the wheel arches, emphasising the car’s muscular stance.

When it comes to the F-TYPE’s performance, prepare for goosebumps. All the power and agility of a true thoroughbred. With state-of-the art driving systems making an unforgettable experience. From astonishing to simply breath taking, F‑TYPE is powered by the most thrilling of Jaguar’s petrol engines, all of which feature innovative technologies for improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without compromising on performance. All models, from the 300PS 4‑cylinder to the 575PS V8, feature an Active Sports Exhaust system. Choose to make this switchable, so you have the option of releasing the thrilling rumble at all engine speeds.

F‑TYPE’s All‑Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics offers performance with perfect poise, delivering confident handling for the road ahead. F‑TYPE utilises an individually controlled braking system on the inside wheels to maximise capability through even the tightest corners. By reducing understeer, it delivers sporting agility and added driver confidence. Manages torque delivery to each of the rear wheels for fuller use of the available power. This allows you to turn into corners later and accelerate sooner. Works with the Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But where’s the fun in that? A beautifully proportioned chassis, taut suspension and responsive steering all combine to make F‑TYPE astonishingly agile, keeping you firmly connected to whatever road you take.

Personalise driving characteristics to suit your preferences. Configurable Dynamics enables you to adjust the steering weight, transmission map and throttle response. Rapidly analysing input on driving style and conditions, Adaptive Dynamics sharpens F‑TYPE’s response to provide an optimal driving experience at all times.

New F-TYPE is an exciting place to be. Order yours online today with Rockar.

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