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What’s new for the 2021 Jaguar F-PACE?

Jaguar’s “Ultimate practical sports car” offers characteristics, unlike any other SUV. The front end enhancements include a redesigned bonnet deleting the current nose cone giving F-PACE a cleaner, more streamlined look whilst enhancing and making the grille look more prominent. The vehicle is specifically designed to enhance the front end with the new grille including noble chrome surround and noble chrome tips incorporating a three-dimensional mesh pattern that offers subtle links to the heritage logo.

New aero optimised front and rear bumpers use finishers on the lower part of the bumper to create visual differentiation between Core and R-Dynamic. The development of the front and rear of the vehicle increases the perceived width and provides a more sophisticated feel than the outgoing model. The front bumper on the Core vehicle includes lower vent ‘hoops’ with noble chrome blades, promoting its luxurious feel whilst the R-Dynamic incorporates gloss black finishers below the grille and has a noble chrome finish to the lower vent hoops instead of the Core noble chrome blades, creating a sportier feel.

Jaguar has also added Smart Active Vanes to F-PACE. They close on start to help the engine reach operating temperature sooner, and when cooling is not required, such as in steady-state cruise, they close to reduce drag. Fitment of this feature is market and powertrain dependant.

The J-Blade signature headlights have moved above and beyond the previous design with a ‘thick to thin’ calligraphy line. The new slimmer lamps are packed with the latest advanced lighting technologies as well as a number of beautiful design details to further enhance the vehicles sophistication including the addition of optional sweeping directional indicators. Featuring a more assertive periphery, the new rear tailgate and valance have been designed to incorporate new full-LED chicane graphics on the tail lamps enhancing the vehicle’s technology and sophistication.

Jaguar FPACE 2020 Interior

The F-PACE has an all-new interior with a heightened luxury, enhanced connectivity, and greater serenity and refinement. The new cockpit design is bolder, more dynamic, and with a greater focus on the driver. A new sporty center console, faster in profile, sweeps up to the instrument panel and incorporates an optional wireless charger and greater console stowage.

JaguarDrive Control has been updated to the rotary selector. The revised JaguarDrive Control brings out ‘the driver in you’ by subtly changing the steering and throttle mapping to modify performance in the car, thus transforming the drive. JaguarDrive Control offers 4 different modes, Comfort, Eco, Rain Ice Snow, and Dynamic Mode.

At the heart of the new interior is a seamlessly integrated centrally-mounted 11.4-inch curved-glass HD touchscreen in an elegant magnesium alloy casing, which controls the new Pivi Pro infotainment system. Authentic finishes, including open-pore wood veneers and aluminium, feature in beautifully formed shapes such as the upper door insert and full width ‘Piano lid’ that is formed across the width of the instrument panel. Laser-etched mid-line speaker frets and the metallic rotary dial of the JaguarDrive Control epitomize the attention-to-detail.

Wireless Device Charging with Phone Signal Booster. This option also includes wireless signal boosting which provides significantly improved cellular signal. The charging pad is compatible with phones and other mobile devices that adhere to the Qi standard, including iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and later models | Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and later models | Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL and later models.

FPACE Engine Enhancements

The new F-PACE is available with the P400e PHEV powertrain as well as the latest four-cylinder and new in-line six-cylinder petrol and diesel Ingenium engines. Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology is also available on selected engines for the first time. All F-PACE models feature intelligent all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmissions. Powered by advanced engines and based on Jaguar’s Lightweight Aluminium Architecture, the F-PACE delivers truly blistering performance. Thanks to its practicality, economy, and efficiency, you can experience the exhilaration virtually every day.

 FPACE New Technology

Jaguar F-PACE will now benefit from core vehicle functionality updates in addition to infotainment and telematics updates. The following vehicle pre-conditions must be met in order to enable the install the vehicle must be locked, parked & stationary, have sufficient battery charge and will require cellular or WiFi connectivity (for 15-25 minutes whilst install completes). The software download must be successfully downloaded in full prior to installation.

SOTA will enable Customers to update their vehicles without Retailer intervention. Updates can be pushed to the customer as and when they are released, and customers have the ability to input a preferred time for install as to not disrupt their day-to-day usage of the vehicle. Customers will also be able to view the progress of their update, showing an estimated finish time.

FPACE 2020 will move to the second generation Activity Key, which is a wearable wrist device that is waterproof and shock proof and functions as a normal car key with an enhanced LCD screen which can display the time and can be customised with a preferred strap. It allows customers to carry only the Activity Key where carrying a normal key may be inconvenient. The new device uses keyless entry without the need for a second key. It effectively acts as a standard car key, allowing the customer to unlock, start, and drive their car.

A series of advanced technologies ensure the health and wellbeing of all occupants. Cabin Air Ionisation improves interior air quality through Nanoe technology, which removes allergens and unpleasant odours. The system now also features PM2.5 filtration, which captures ultra-fine particles – including PM2.5 particulates – to improve occupant health and wellbeing.  The customer activates the system simply by pressing the ‘Purify’ button.

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